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Colussi AWS Inc
Top Player in the Washing Systems Field

Colussi AWS Inc is a Colussi Ermes brand. It was founded in the 2016 as a response to the significative growth of the US market in order to guarantee the best possible assistance for the American washing solution demands. Colussi AWS provides a specialized support service to respond punctually to its client’s requests and to satisfy all their needs in the washing system field of the US market. The great experience and know-how allowed Colussi AWS to supply washing machines to the leading companies of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, logistic industry and automotive industry - satisfying the majority of the washing requests in these fields.

The main goal of Colussi AWS is to fully meet the customers’ expectations creating “customized” machines which completely complies with their requests and with their standards. Moreover, it proposes innovative environmentally-friendly washing systems which allow to concretely reduce water, energy and chemical consumptions.

STRENGHTS: responsiveness, honesty, efficiency, ethical awareness – these are just some of the values Colussi AWS stands for in order to be a reliable business partner for its clients.

For further information visit our website www.colussiermes.com

Colussi AWS Inc, a quality commercial washers brand for the food, logistic, pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

With its extensive washing expertise in several fields, Colussi AWS offers to its clients the best washing solutions which are all tailor-made according to their requirements.